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Is a Home Warranty Worth It?

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Owning a home is a big responsibility. You are responsible for every bit of maintenance, for the regular upkeep and for the things that go wrong. It can be a little overwhelming and scary, especially when you think about all the things that can go wrong. That’s why you may be considering a home warranty. However, you be unfamiliar with the concept and wonder if a warranty plan is really worth it. Overwhelmingly, experts believe that they are well worth the relatively small yearly investment. Here are some things to consider in order to ensure you have the best home warranty experience.

Do Your Homework

Not all home protection companies are the same. In order to find a professional and reputable home warranty company, you’ll want to do some research. Take the time to do an internet search. Read message boards, forums and consumer websites for feedback on the companies you’re considering. Cross any off the list that have a number of complaints about things like longs waits for service, unexpected exclusions or unexpected charges. AHS has a pretty good track record.

Understand the Terms

Home warranty policies can have a variety of terms. There are standard inclusions such as indoor plumbing, air conditioning, heating systems and such. However, some things may not be included, and you should never assume. Always read the contract thoroughly and be certain you have a solid understanding of its terms. Ask your representative if there are certain things you’d like to have covered, but don’t seem to be. You can usually obtain add-ons for your policy to cover items such as certain appliances, pools or spas. When you have a good understanding of your home warranty, you’ll know what’s covered when the time comes to put it to use. You’ll also be well-informed on what to expect in terms of cost, as there usually is a small fee that must be paid to repair companies. Also, consider the value for your money. The least expensive policy isn’t always the best one. If you are getting more inclusions for only slightly additional cost, you likely want to consider that policy as a better overall value for your dollar.

Follow Your Instincts

Always go with your gut. After you’ve spent time researching the companies, make some calls. Talk to company representatives and ask questions. Then visit your top choices in person. Pay attention for signs that tell you something isn’t right or any red flags. If the person you’re talking to doesn’t seem to want to answer a question directly or take the time to help you thoroughly understand your contract, it’s a good idea to move on. Before signing a contract, you should feel comfortable with the company and the terms. Company personnel should be open, friendly and professional.

These are just a few things to consider when deciding whether a home warranty plan is a good choice for you. If you’re a new homeowner or not very handy around the house, it’s probably wise to obtain home protection. With a solid home warranty company, protection is almost always worth it.

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Five Easy Fixes for Ripped Tights

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rip in my tightsTights, also called stockings and leggings are very fashionable today. However, they are also very prone to runs and rips. What do you do if you find a rip in your stockings? Here are some quick fixes.

• One of the best ways to keep your items looking great is to prevent rips in the first place. When purchasing tights from a website, make sure to buy a good quality product. Inexpensive stockings are usually thinner than their more expensive counterparts. Thinner fabric means that it is easier to tear. Another way to prevent tights from ripping is to purchase a size larger than you actually need. Stockings that are too tight are actually more prone to rips and tears than ones that fit properly! Some people suggest putting on tights while wearing gloves in order to prevent snagging the fabric with your nails or rough skin.

• Use nail polish to stop the run and make the rip disappear. Most women have heard of the using nail polish trick to stop a run in your tights. To do this properly, simply paint clear nail polish over the edges of the rip or run. Keep in mind that you may need to paint several layers of polish on the rip depending upon the location. Allow each layer to dry thoroughly before adding another layer. You can also use nail polish that is the exact same color as your stockings. While it doesn’t exactly repair the fabric, it will stop the run and camouflage the appearance of the run itself.

• Carefully stitch the rip with thread that matches the color of your stockings. To do this, you will need to use a very thin needle and stitch carefully. Otherwise, you could actually make the problem worse.

• Glue a patch onto the fabric. There are a number of patches available, many of which are quite dainty and small. In order to do this properly, put a piece of cardboard inside the stocking to separate the front and back. Then, use fabric glue to glue over the rip. You can also do this when you are wearing the stockings, but you will get glue on yourself!

• Glue a fabric patch onto your stockings from another pair. To do this, first use nail polish to make sure that the rip or run does not get larger. Then, simply clip a square shaped patch that is large enough to cover the rip. After this, carefully sew the square or glue the fabric square over the rip.

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Save Money with Remanufactured Ink Cartridges

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When it comes to printing material, this can become extremely expensive in a very short period of time. It isn’t the paper you use or the products you insert into the printer, but instead the actual ink. It’s easy to spend the same amount you spent on a printer just on a few refills of your ink cartridges. Something is very wrong when you are spending hundreds of dollars every single month on ink just to maintain a device that you can purchase for less money. This is exactly why you need to find a different option when it comes to your ink cartridges. While the manufacturer of the printer is going to sell its own type of cartridge, it is possible to purchase replacements that are not this expensive because the material is actually remanufactured and still compatible with what your printer is looking for. All of this is available at 123 inkjets.

When you visit the, you are going to find that just about every single printer make and model is covered. Your printer manufacturer is going to tell you that it is necessary for you to only buy their specific ink cartridges, because these are optimized specifically for your printer. However, the same is the case for the remanufactured ink cartridges. In fact, these products are designed for your printer just as much as the new products from your printer company. So there really is no difference in what your company is selling and what you are looking at with the remanufactured equipment. The only difference is that these cartridges have actually been used before and have simply been refilled.

It makes much more sense to simply refill the ink instead of having to replace the entire cartridge. When you purchase a high-quality pen, you do not have to toss out the pen when the ink runs out. Instead you simply refill it with ink. This is the same principle of the printer cartridges. The cartridges are refilled with ink, just the same way it is done when originally sold, but because it doesn’t have to manufacturer the plastic and other material that goes into the printer cartridge, the price can be drastically cut down. This allows you to save a good amount of money and, in the long run, you are actually able to cut your printer price down by hundreds of dollars over the course of a year, if you use your printer a good amount of time. Because of this, you are going to save money and use this money in other areas inside your home office or place of business. All of this is because of the available selection at

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Buying Cheap Printer Ink Cartridges

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No matter what kind of printer you have, you will need to replace its cartridges at some point. Many dread this because buying them can be expensive and installing them can be difficult. They often put this off to the last minute, but they shouldn’t do this for long. Think about how you may want to get cheap printer ink cartridges for yourself sometime soon. With, you’ll be able to find ink cartridges for less. This site features some great deals on cheap printer ink cartridges.

Think about whether you will want to get low rates on shipping when you buy through this company. They offer some of the most competitive shipping rates among any similar company on the internet. When you buy your cheap printer ink cartridges, you will need to think about adding in the cost of shipment to your location. It may make buying these units prohibitively expensive, or at least not worthwhile for your business. But when you buy through 123Inkjets, you may be impressed by the level of service that you can get. This company will even offer easy returns if you find that you have ordered the wrong model, or simply get your orders mixed up along the way.

When you buy cheap printer ink cartridges through 123Inkjets, you will find that you can get a guarantee that will be hard to match. Many people will become interested in reading their terms agreement, which is substantially beneficial for their consumers. This company won’t use your information improperly or violate your privacy rights. If you order through them, you will find that you can get linked up with the best service possible. Think about how you might need to have your information treated properly by the company you buy from regularly.

Many other customers will be impressed by the variety of different payment methods that are available to them through this site. 123Inkjets has gone through quite a bit of effort to help make sure that people get linked up with the right types of ink cartridges and printer supplies. They can buy their inkjet cartridges using a number of different payment methods, which may be appealing to many people out there. You can even pay by check if they want to do so. Many people will be impressed by the level of flexibility that they can get through this provider.

In all, this is one of the most effective sites for buying cheap printer ink cartridges around. Think about how you might be able to benefit from getting linked up with the best selection of printer ink. They only sell the most effective models that can provide cost effective solutions to your printer needs. Every business will need to think about how they can get the printer ink cartridges they need, since they depend on these to generate the documents that they need.  Before you buy your next set of ink cartridges, try shopping around for the best deals.

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Fire the Cannons! Find Cheap Ink!

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Printers are used daily in homes and business across the world. When a printer is used regularly, ink refills can become an expensive expenditure. Another option is to refill your Canon ink cartridges (did you even know about that??). A website that is dedicated to refilling these ink cartridges is

The reason I use and not the hundreds of other online providers is because they are a leader in the cartridge refill world, offering Canon ink refills (my favorite brand!) among many other brands at affordable prices.

When a business has many flyers to print on their Canon printer, ink costs can raise to overhead a great deal. Businesses can save a large sum of money by reusing the current Canon ink cartridges already in their printer and refilling them. This option gives the company more room to profit. A bigger profit means a way to expand the company, to hire more employees, to advertise more, and to stay ahead of the competitors.

If simplicity is something you desire, going online is a great place to start. With a simple straightforward web design, it is easy to navigate the site and order your new ink refills. There is no need to hunt all over a crowded site in the search for the correct cartridges. 123 inkjets lays it all out in an understandable manner making the consumer feel more in control.

Large orders are a regular thing for any company, and any order over $55 gets free shipping at 123 inkjets. This is cost that can be put right back in to purchasing ink cartridge refills. Daily prices are already 75% off of retail, and free shipping makes visiting the site even more enticing. Many shoppers (like me!) have used them for years and for obvious reason. Quick customer service responses, low prices, and a loyal company are sure to make any ink purchase easier for all parties involved.

Buying in bulk isn’t just for large businesses. Home offices need ink, too! A $55 ink purchase is easy to make and with the low prices, you are sure to be able to afford enough ink to last you a while.

The next time you need to purchase Canon ink cartridge refills, be sure to check out online retailers to save you or your company money. Click here to find out more!

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My New Hero: Recycled Ink!

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Ink cartridges are used for many devices, such as camera printers, fax machines, computer printers, copy machines and many more. Individuals and business owners can print everything from spreadsheets to client information and “to-do” lists with printers, making them very convenient to have. There are many different brands of ink and one of the most popular is canon ink.

Ink prices are constantly on the rise and it is always in demand. Finding ways to save money while buying ink can be easy. One of the best ways to save money when buying ink cartridges especially canon ink is to buy remanufactured ink cartridges. They help save money as well as offer other benefits

Remanufactured ink cartridges are ink cartridges that people have recycled. Companies take the recycled cartridge and put it through a series of tests and cleanings before refilling with ink and reselling at a discount to consumers. To start the ink cartridge is taken apart and inspected for any problems or defects. If needed parts are exchanged with new parts. The cartridge is then cleaned and put back together. Once back together the cartridge is filled up with canon ink or another type of ink and tested to be sure it works properly. Once testing is done it will then be sold to consumers.

There are many advantages to using remanufactured ink cartridges. One of the best benefits is saving money. Remanufactured cartridges can cost up to 30-40% less than regular priced cartridges. Companies save money by refilling cartridges instead of buying new ones therefor the consumer is able to save money. Another great reason to use them is to help the environment. Anything people can do to recycle items instead create new ones helps conserve energy and materials which helps the environment.

One of the major providers for ink for both laser printers and inkjet printers is LD Products. LD Products offer reused ink cartridges so you save money while going green. They offer cartridges as well as refill kits. All of their products are made from new and used materials and highly tested to ensure the best results. They offer a variety of different ink and toners including canon ink. One of the best things about buying LD Products is they offer more than just ink cartridges they also offer toner, paper and printer materials, reusing items when they can and saving consumers money.

You can purchase recycled ink at 123 inkjets.

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Top Baby Clothes Picks for Boys

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When choosing baby clothes for boys, expectant moms hope to find outfits that are both cute and functional. From bodysuits to sleep-n-plays, there’s no limit to the variety of baby clothes for newborns and infants. A mother can choose stylish outfits that show off her new little man, or she can buy clothes that are easy to change while on the go.
baby clothes, baby boy clothes
The joy of picking out her son’s very first outfit is something every expectant mother looks forward to. Take-me-home sets that include several newborn size outfits are perfect for a baby’s first day home. Sweet little hats and soft bodysuits keep the new addition warm and cozy while mom gazes in adoration at her little guy.

While the color blue is usually associated with baby clothes for boys, there are many different color and pattern choices for boy’s clothing. Shades of brown and green cover snug-fit cotton pajamas that feature prints with frogs and bears, and red is often used for themes related to monkeys and elephants. Fuzzy footie pajamas make for an adorable outfit that also keeps a little guy warm, and dreamy patterns of clouds and stripes can make any mother smile sweetly at her sleeping baby boy.

While out and about, a mother needs clothes that are effortless to change when the inevitable spit up or diaper blowout happens. Keeping several bodysuits on hand is a tip that every new mother learns quickly, as the simple snaps and soft fabric make for an easy and comfortable changing process for her baby. Bodysuits come in packs of three or six as well as individual packages, and a pack of solid white bodysuits is a gift every mother will appreciate for her baby shower. They can be used again and again, and are easy to put underneath other clothes.

Few things are cuter than a miniature suit and tie. Though formal clothing can be time-consuming to put on, every mother wants at least one formal outfit for photo sessions. A pair of slacks and a long-sleeve dress shirt are perfect for a family Christmas photo. Dress shoes look oh so adorable on little feet, and a tiny clip-on tie completes the outfit.

For cold weather, layers are a must. A shirt, bodysuit, and thick jacket will keep a baby boy snuggly and warm. Pants with built in footies ensure that a little guy’s feet don’t get cold even when he kicks off his shoes. A new mother will appreciate an ample supply of little hats and mittens, as she will use them every time she goes for a stroll around her neighborhood in the winter. Snowsuits are available for newborns and infants that work perfectly for a boy’s first snow.

Long before her son can walk, a mom will be picking out shoes of every type. Sneakers for infants come in a slip-on style, which makes putting them on a breeze. For more wiggly toes, sneakers are made with Velcro straps that can be adjusted to fit. Summertime has its own unique set of shoes, with infant flip-flops and sandals that are perfect for a trip to the beach.

No matter what style a mother chooses to dress her son in, picking out baby clothes is one of the best experiences a parent can have. From sleepwear to formal wear, the adorable ensembles that a baby boy can wear are sure to put a smile on his mother’s face.

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What to Do with Old Baby Clothes

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Old baby clothes don’t need to take up a lot of space in your attic, closet, or basement. As a matter of fact, they don’t need to take up any space at all. If you’re not planning to have more children anytime soon, there are several things you can do to get rid of your old baby clothes. The only thing you really need to do is decide which option you want to go with.

Getting Rid of Those Old Baby Clothes
You don’t have to leave those old baby clothes to rot in the attic. Any one of these easy ways to get rid of baby clothes will accomplish your goal of having some extra space around the house nicely:

  • eBay: This might be a no-brainer suggestion, but it may also be something that hasn’t occurred to you. People sometimes take for granted that eBay is still one of the best ways there is to get rid of things. This can certainly be true of baby clothes.
  • Storage: Is it perhaps time to rent out a small storage locker? It’s probable that you don’t have enough old baby clothes to justify an option like this, but if you have a number of things around the house that you’ve been meaning to store elsewhere, a storage unit might not be such a bad idea. And you can take advantage of the opportunity to get rid of your baby clothes.
  • Goodwill: An easy option for getting rid of baby clothes that’s also tax-deductible.
  • Memory quilt: Etsy and similar sites are filled with incredible artists, capable of taking things like old baby clothes, and turning them into something like a memory quilt. This option isn’t for everyone, but if you want to begin the tradition of having your own priceless family heirloom, this is a wonderful way to get rid of those old baby clothes.
  • Consignment store: You’ll want to call your local consignment store ahead of time, and run by them the baby clothes you’re looking to dispose of, but if you want to get a little back for your high-end baby clothes, this is a great option to explore.

Don’t Get Stuck with Old Baby Clothes
You don’t have to continue to put off doing something about those old baby clothes. Any of the above options can help you to finally make that extra space you’ve always wanted.

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Baby Clothes Safety Issues

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Though shopping for baby clothes should be a fun experience for both you and the baby, there are some serious safety issues to consider. Remember, a baby is not as capable of protecting his or herself from harm the way an adult or even a child is, so what may seem like harmless features on clothing to you can be a serious hazard to a baby. Here are a few things to keep in mind regarding baby clothes safety.

Fasteners – Baby clothes should be as easy and as smooth as possible to take off and put on. This is in part to make it easier on the parent who has to dress and undress the baby as well as change diapers, but it is also to avoid choking hazards. Avoid baby clothes with lots of hooks. loops, and other fasteners.

Flammability – This is a terrifying thought for any parent, but a baby is not able to run from a fire like an adult or child is. For your baby’s safety, buy sleepwear that is flame resistant and fits close to the body so that in the unlikely event that a fire breaks out in your home, the baby will be much less likely to come in contact with the flames.

Drawstrings – It should come as no surprise that a drawstring close around the neck of a baby’s garment can put the baby at risk for strangulation. Also, loose ends of drawstrings can easily get caught on objects and lead to injury. Avoid drawstring closes on baby clothes.

This information may be a little scary, especially for new parents, but it is important to recognize these potential baby clothes hazards to protect your baby from harm.

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The Fun of Shopping for Baby Clothes

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baby clothes

The arrival of a new baby brings with a whirl of excitement, nerves, joy and questions for a new mother. “What will she be like?” “Will I be ready?” It’s understandable that an expectant mother might feel a sense of nervous anticipation as a baby’s arrival approaches. How could she not feel that way? Her new baby will be a brand new person in the world, with all the curiosity, intelligence and laughter a lively new spirit brings.

Still, new mothers have to strike a balance between what they envision for their sweet little one, in the way of the perfect little baby room and baby clothes of every style and color, with the reality of the time and energy demands involved in caring for a newborn.

There’s no denying, however, the tantalizing allure of shopping for sweet baby clothes. There’s no experience on earth that can quite match it, so new mothers are right on target if they feel inspired at the thought of caring for their precious little one.

When planning for the baby’s arrival, some mothers like to focus on preparing the baby’s room perfectly. For these mothers, shopping for baby clothes might involve the coordination of the baby’s little wardrobe with the look and feel of the baby’s bed and room décor. For women who are very design oriented, this can be a fun and even invigorating way of planning for the baby.

Some mothers like to make the baby’s closet and chest of drawers another area of design focus. Deciding on color schemes for these pieces that complement the baby clothes is another project that is challenging in the best sense of the word.

Once the baby’s furniture has been prepared, a mother might also want to work with the wall color of the room. For a little girl, she might again veer into shades of pink, or play with different tones of lilac, lavender and even pale green as an accent.

Some lines of baby clothes lend themselves well to blending and accenting the décor of their bedroom. A baby girl’s room all done up in soft pinks and light pastels will be lovely with a little wardrobe all in effortlessly soft colors. These mothers will love shopping for sweet little sleepwear sets in white and several tones of pink. Coordinating pieces with these sets might include cotton baby hats and socks, plus a darling, soft cotton baby blanket in a matching shade of light pink. Was any design project ever this sweet? Not likely.

As the due date approaches, an expectant mother will want to finish up the room preparations and focus more fully on rounding out the baby’s wardrobe. She may want to make a checklist to ensure she has all the basics on hand, from little one piece suits to socks to little hats and soft footed pajama sets. Once the preparations are finally complete, she can breathe a sigh of relief and look forward to the wonderful day of the baby’s arrival.

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Should You Wash Baby Clothes Before Wearing?

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How new is new? Baby clothes are often handled quite a bit before they ever make it into your nursery. There is no way of knowing if anyone that was not well that touched the clothing and passed on some germs along the way! New clothes right off the rack have been handled hundreds of times.

Protecting your baby from unfriendly germs is important especially in the first few months of their life. It is a good idea to wash baby clothes before your baby wears them just to be sure that they are free from germs that can cause colds and other illness.


How to Wash New Clothes

Baby clothes can be rather delicate and require special attention. You can choose to hand wash them although you can use the washing machine on the delicate cycle and they should be fine. You should wash the baby’s clothes separate from adult clothes.

There is special laundry detergent that you can use to wash the baby’s clothes that is less harsh than adult detergent. Typically washing and drying the baby clothes will kill any germs that are present on the clothes.


Not Just Germs

In most cases baby clothes are handled with care when they are processed, but you just never know. Washing them before wear can also remove chemicals that are used during the processing of the clothing.  Washing the clothes will make sure any residue is removed so it does not irritate the baby’s skin.

Even baby clothes that are made with organic materials are at risk of having some left over residue. It is always better to be safe than sorry especially when it comes to your baby.  You never want to risk your baby’s health!



Well-meaning family and friends are likely to share clothes that their children have outgrown with you. It is always a good idea to wash these clothes first even if they still have tags on them indicating that they were never worn before.

You never know how or where the clothing was stored before they were given away. You just always want to be on the safe side when it comes what comes into contact with your baby’s skin. Protecting your baby includes making sure that the clothing that they are wearing are safe and germ free.

You should absolutely wash new baby clothes before your baby wears them!

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New to Parenting.

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You go on through most of your life thinking you’re gaining knowledge and becoming wiser until one day, when you feel you’re mature and wise enough, you try your hand at parenting and realize that you really have no idea what you’re doing. It’s a sad realization that definitely comes at the worst time–namely when you’re holding a baby in your hands and realize that you are entirely responsible for it’s well-being. It’s scary and over-whelming, but fortunately, these days (thanks to the almighty internet) there’s help! There are numerous resources, ideas, and people on the web with knowledge and a desire to aid new parents in need.

New parents have to deal with so many scary things. What is a parent to do when their little baby catches the scary influenza virus? How are parents supposed to help a teething child? How can a parent decipher what a child is trying to say when said child can’t talk? These are all such important questions that can now be answered because of the amount of information available.

Join me and my husband as we embark on the adventure that is parenting and put the internet to the test. Because at the end of the day, this is going to be worth it.

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